Checking in on the North Parker

At 30th and Upas, the North Parker is the latest mixed-use project by Jonathan Segal, one of our favorite San Diego architects. The second-floor residential units are ready for move-in, while work continues in the first-floor commercial spaces.

North Parker

At the corner, you can’t miss where Consortium Holdings is working on its second Underbelly ramen restaurant. They hope to open by summer.

North Parker

We kind of have a thing for the way CH Projects lets everyone know they’re moving in. What a tease.

North Parker

Modern Times will open its 16-tap tasting room by mid-May. We’re particularly excited about this one. They were working on the inside when we stopped by.

North Parker

A third location for coffee shop Influx is in the works as well. Their Little Italy shop is one of our favorite places to grab a sandwich on yummy focaccia, so we’re pleased that they’re expanding.

North Parker

If you’re interested in living here, you’ll have to fork out $2,300–$2,700/month for one of the 900-to-1200-square-foot lofts. The rates don’t surprise us for these ultra modern floorplans.

Rounding out a solid group of tenants is Tacos Perla, which will serve authentic street tacos. Once all of the North Parker opens by summer, expect this to be another hotspot in booming North Park.

  • June Owatari

    i live right down the street from here and am so excited to have MT here! I even applied to work the bar. 😉

    • San Diego Streets

      Good luck! It would be a cool place to work.

  • Bedda

    Can we talk about gentrification? Or scale? Or historic preservation? This building doesn’t match the rest of the neighborhood in height, style, or… anything, really. I would love it if you’d mention the way these developments affect the “spirit of place” here.

    • William Hamilton

      Yes… all it does is provide jobs, great places to eat and homes for your neighbors: How HORRIBLE!

      • Bedda

        Jobs and the exploits of flaneurs (teehee) are not the only criteria for judging a construction project, and it’s worth mentioning that these businesses could have been established in the building that was demolished to create this glass monstrosity. The cool trendy ramen place would be even cooler in the low historic building (refurbished, of course) that was there- a building which would have preserved the Craftsman spirit of North Park.

        I want to start a conversation about “homes for your neighbors.” Developments like this cause all rents to go up. Like Hami said, it’s really sad to see demographic shifts change the feel of neighborhoods- SF and Brooklyn are good examples of rapid gentrification that would be such a shame here.

        Hami, I’m so glad to hear that you’re committed to responsible growth :) I hope to hear it a lot more now that this is becoming a big issue in the city’s core neighborhoods.

  • Hami

    I agree with Bedda that gentrification can be dangerous but also agree with William that it is awesome to have great local business to patronize. Also, I think we have to move forward sensibly. At least they did not build a highrise. I’m currently living in Albany, NY and frequent Brooklyn; I also used to live in SF. I have seen how hasty expansion can price people out. We all have to be very mindful of not letting our appetites for all things nice get in the way of the neighborhood spirit that Bedda brings up. I am really looking forward to moving to South Park with my wife, and I hope SD continues to grow albeit in a responsible way; I will try to do my part to see that happens.

  • gregoryagogo

    This is a hot new building and an improvement for this corner. I hope the other corner can continue to stay without threat of demolition… love that streamlined-modern.

  • M Briant

    I can’t imagine living in one of those “fish aquariums” where everyone can see every aspect of your life as they drive by– or you can close the blinds and sit in the dark. And I’d imagine those huge glass walls will be a heating and cooling nightmare! Looks really modern and edgy, but seems extremely impractical as a place to live.