About San Diego Streets

Welcome to San Diego Streets! We launched on April 26, 2014, with a mission to provide brief, easy-to-digest updates on developments and great new places around San Diego. We focus on downtown and uptown neighborhoods like Little Italy, East Village, and Hillcrest. We’re not urban planners and we’re not foodies, so please don’t mind our amateur descriptions and views.

What’s a little puzzling is that we’re actually just one person: Brian Grapes. Feel free to send us an email—or, better yet—check us out on LinkedIn if you’d like to work together.

The updates posted here were gathered during our evening or weekend strolls around town with family and friends. We live in Cortez Hill, so you’ll find that many of our updates come from areas walkable from that neighborhood.

View from Cortez Hill

If you don’t see your neighborhood featured on our site, we’re sorry. The truth is that we just don’t get out much. No, really—we probably just don’t get to your neck of the woods very often. We like to focus on areas we see often because it’s easier for us to notice when things change. Occasionally, we do manage to get out of our little bubble, so there’s still a chance we might pop up in your neighborhood soon.

That said, we’re always looking for tips. We’re dying to know all those rumors you’ve been hearing, so let us know if you have any info on new places we should have on our radar.

View of Gaslamp Quarter

For the web geeks out there, San Diego Streets is powered by WordPress and skinned with a custom theme we built using BlankSlate. We integrated Bootstrap for a responsive design that should scale nicely to whatever device you’re using.

Most of our photos were taken with a Panasonic Lumix GF-1, an awesome micro four-thirds camera that’s super compact and easy to carry around. We’d highly recommend it.

If you just can’t get enough of us, follow us on Twitter or visit our Facebook page.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope you’ll keep watching the site.

  • Pat McArron

    Brian Grapes has down an amazing job of capturing the growth and vitality of San Diego with his terrific photo updates and commentary. Keep up the great work, Brian. Your website currently outshines Civic San Diego website since the dismantling of CCDC. Hopefully they will once again have a vital website as before. No reason, however, for you to stop doing what you do so well with http://www.SanDiegoStreets.com

    • http://www.sandiegostreets.com San Diego Streets

      Wow — thanks so much for the kind words, Pat!

  • Debra Shapiro

    How do I find what streets will be fixed?