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The Whole Hog Bringing BBQ to Park Blvd

Get ready to pig out. Local catering company The Whole Hog is opening up its first restaurant in the former Groovy Records space at Park and Robinson. It’s an American regional eatery, specializing in barbecued goods like pork ribs, beef tri-tip, and BBQ chicken. We’ll pause while you salivate.

The Whole Hog

Since these pictures taken a few days ago, they’ve replaced that Groovy Records sign and added some custom planters. They also plan to paint the exterior and remove those awful bars on the windows. We can’t wait to see the finished exterior of this high-profile corner that’s been looking pretty sad for far too long.

The Whole Hog

We used to love getting frozen yogurt at the old Tutti Frutti in this spot, and we think neighbors are going to enjoy being able to grab a bite here once again. We’re excited to see what’s next for this stretch of Park Blvd as the Egyptian Quarter revival continues.