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Tom N Toms Still Asleep in Cortez Hill

Our eyes lit up a few months ago when we saw signs of life in one of the vacant spaces at the base of Vantage Pointe in Cortez Hill. Korean chain Tom N Toms Coffee recently opened its first Downtown location at Strata in the East Village, but the Cortez Hill spot looks like it still needs a dose of caffeine.

Tom N Toms Coffee

You may have never heard of it, but some are calling it the Starbucks of Korea. They’ve been working their way into the Los Angeles coffee market and are ready to take on San Diego. It’s more than just coffee, by the way—they’re apparently known for their bakery menu of pretzels and toasted breads.

Tom N Toms Coffee

The Cortez Hill location has looked ready to open for several weeks now, but we’re still waiting.

Tom N Toms Coffee

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