Bankers Hill Gets a Road Diet

You may have noticed something different if you’ve passed through Bankers Hill in the last week. The City of San Diego just completed its first road diet on Fourth and Fifth. That means they’ve removed a car lane to make way for something else—in this case, a buffered bike lane.

Buffered Bike Lanes

We love fresh paint.

Buffered Bike Lanes

Believe it or not, these daring bicyclists weren’t run over by crazy San Diego drivers after this photo was taken.

We hear that buffered bike lanes like these may not be the best solution for overall safety, but we’re not urban planning experts. At least it’s a big step in the right direction. We’re just glad we’ll finally be able to take out the old Huffy. Look out, Bankers Hill!

  • Hami

    Love it. One design flaw in mind is that they put the parking spaces by the curb. They should have used parking spaces as the buffer instead. I recently visited Montreal where I rode the streets and thought the parked-cars-as-buffers model worked really well. Also, adding some green paint would make the bike lane standout even more. But, overall, a good start. If some of the colder places like Copenhagen, Stockholm and Montreal can be great biking cities, there is no reason San Diego cannot do the same with its amazing weather.

    • San Diego Streets

      We have high hopes that this is just the beginning!