Lofts Planned for Vacant North Park Site

The stretch of University Avenue between Florida and Texas has long been a dead zone compared to the thriving neighborhood centers of Hillcrest and North Park. That could soon change, as San Diego architect Jeff Svitak is planning a residential loft project for a vacant site at Louisiana and University.

Jeff Svitak Project in North Park

In June, San Diego Reader reported the sale of the lot to Svitak under the purchasing name Morley, LLC. Although details are still unknown, we came across a rendering on Svitak’s Instagram that just might represent an early design. “Morley starting to come to life,” he writes. The multi-level complex includes several small courtyards and open spaces between units.

Jeff Svitak Project in North Park

The vacant lot is located just east of Albertsons, across from Colima’s Mexican Food. There’s a single-family home to the east and an apartment building to the south.

Jeff Svitak's Columbia in Little Italy

That early rendering for the vacant North Park lot shares some similarities with Jeff Svitak’s Columbia Lofts, which is expected to be completed in Little Italy next month. Located on Columbia Street between Fir and Grape, the 18-unit complex is inspired by the narrow streets of Venice.

Jeff Svitak's Columbia in Little Italy

Svitak’s design for Columbia incorporates several shared courtyards and green corridors that serve as buffers between units. The concept minimizes the number of shared walls, using those shared spaces and private patios to increase the amount of light and ventilation.

Based on the preliminary design for his North Park project, expect this same design style to be repeated. Check out Svitak’s Facebook page for more on the nearly-completed Columbia Lofts, as well as the project website for detailed floorplans.

  • JS

    Not the sexiest looking project, but it looks like it’s good for the residents that live there. Glad to see new infill projects in the mid-city area. Would love to see more high-rises constructed in that area. Most in that area were built in the 60’s. Is this even possible with the silly “interim height ordinance”?

    • San Diego Streets

      We’d love more high-rises as well, but it seems highly unlikely in this area!