Bosa Breaks Ground at Pacific and Broadway

The big news in Downtown development from the past few weeks was the start of construction at Pacific Highway and Broadway in the Columbia District. That’s where Vancouver-based Bosa Development just broke ground on its latest condo tower, which will be the developer’s most expensive yet.

Pacific and Broadway - Bosa

Of course, Bosa is no stranger to big buildings in Downtown San Diego. The developer is responsible for several large residential towers, including Bayside, The Grande, and Park Place—seen above, in front of the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Pacific and Broadway - Bosa

At Pacific and Broadway, Bosa has begun what will likely become its most prestigious project yet. The 41-story, 450-foot-tall condo building is expected to have an average price tag of $1.75 million per unit, according to a recent report by the San Diego Union-Tribune. Plans for the 232-unit building include 16,000 square feet of retail space at ground level.

The building doesn’t yet have a name, as Bosa plans to hold a contest to determine what it will be called. With its spiral glass and angled roof, this should be a unique addition to the skyline. San Diego UrbDeZine has additional renderings from a 2012 report.

Pacific and Broadway - Bosa

This isn’t the first we’ve heard about Bosa’s plans for this block, also known as Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9. The project was approved more than two years ago, but Bosa decided to postpone construction until the housing market recovered. Now’s the time.

Pacific and Broadway - Bosa

Electra—another flagship project by Bosa—stands immediately east of the site. Completed in 2008, the 43-story Electra tower is the tallest residential building in San Diego.

Pacific and Broadway - Bosa

While the price tag for a unit at Pacific and Broadway is well beyond what we’ll able to afford when it opens, we’re looking forward to watching it reshape the waterfront skyline.

  • Mark Mills

    Double check your maps, I think this is in the Columbia neighborhood.

  • jefwassom

    Way to screw those who paid more outrageous prices at electra.. take their money and then block their views.. way to stay classy and greedy Bosa.

  • Cummbottom

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